Aggressive trading and a $1,400,000 profit – John Carter 2 years ago

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EP 069: How an aggressive trader thinks, uses options, and made $1.4M on a single TSLA trade – John Carter

John is an options trader (and also futures, to a slightly lesser extent), he’s been trading for around about 25 years now. His typical holding time for any given trade is just a couple days, and he classifies himself as an aggressive trader – which I think you’ll pick up on pretty quickly.

In this interview, you’ll hear I ask John about the multiple boom ‘n bust cycles he endured over the space of about 8 years before gaining real consistency. I also ask, is a high risk tolerance essential for becoming a successful trader?

Then we get into some talk about options, and John has some really great advice for those who are still trying to find their feet. Additionally, we talk about indicators and technical analysis, and we go step-by-step through John’s million dollar TSLA trade.

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